Pat Carters School Of Martial Arts started over 35 years ago, we have always focused on getting the best out of all our students whatever their ability. Our classes are split so the lower grades get the full attention needed when starting to learn the Art of Tae Kwon Do. I have up to 10 assistance Instructors some of whom are current world champions and have trained in my club from the age of 4 and now grown in to respectful, disciplined and focused adults.

We are a family run club , parents can train along side their children in our Intermediate classes and we have even had grandparents train too! Our classes are for adults as well as children and we also run private tuition for men and women in self defence.

There are lots of Martial Art Schools with different techniques out there and like me go and have a look before you make the decision.

We are part of the TAGB association which is the largest martial arts organisation in the world the TAGB has over 25,000 accredited members, 600 schools, and organises seminars with World Masters, demonstrations, and national, regional and international championships every month of the year.


The TAGB is a great advocate of fun and fitness at an early age and TAGB instructors often work with local schools to teach self-defence. With schools throughout the country which if you are away at university work etc you will be able to train at other clubs, the TAGB is the ideal organisation for learning a martial art that has evolved through a 3,000 year history to become the newest Olympic Sport. 


‘Mr Carter will get you to your goal’

“I Started Tae Kwon Do some 4 years ago gaining my 1st Dan black belt in 2009 was a fantastic feeling .I can only thank Mr Carter and all the other black belt who over the years have always be so willing to help and encourage me . Everyone has different ability but the one thing that I’ve learnt is if you always give a 100% then Mr Carter will get you to your goal and on the way you’ll loose weight, gain fitness and have a lot of fun which is never a bad thing.”

Pete Butler, 48

‘We all have found a new confidence’

“Through Tae Kwon Do we all have found a new confidence, you don’t have to excel in sport to do well, you just need commitment and determination. It was a fantastic feeling when we got our black belts and you feel really proud when your child achieves this award. Nigel and Jane are now 2nd Dans and Samuel is working towards his 2nd Dan later this year Tae Kwon Do is not just about how much you can get from it but also how much you can give back to the Club and to the TAGB. We have been officials at local and national tournaments and have also helped on the medical side. We also help with teaching, having gained the assistant instructor award.”

— Nigel 41, Jane 43, Samuel 15 and Ben 6

“helped me loose weight and gain fitness”

“For me personally Tae Kwon Do has helped me loose weight and gain fitness, it allows me to, twice a week, spend valuable time doing an enjoyable activity with my family which I feel is very important in today’s modern, rushed society, it has also given me confidence at work and also socially and is installing a sense of discipline in the boys which I hope will stay with them as the grow up.

Thank you Mr Carter and I look forward to training towards my 2nd Dan Black Belt and passing the knowledge that you have given me, onto the other students.”



An interview with Pat 'The Terminator Carter'.

Hi Im Patrick Carter

I am a 7 thDan black belt and mad on Tae Kwon Do. I am an instructor with the largest Tae kwon Do Association of Great Britain.

Grand Master Oliver 9th Dan has the best slogans and names for the top fighters and mine is PAT THE TERMINATOR!,  Love it!

1, When did it all start?

It all started when I was 13 years old and interested in the kung fu films the ones that made those funny noises when anyone did a kick or punch, I still do now in class when I forget myself!

2. Have you always done Tae Kwon Do?

No I started in Karate first and dabbled in Judo, jujitsu you name it ive done it but never took it serious enough at that age. I was a good Rugby player and played for the Warwickshire, Midlands and had an England trial.

School boy as captain and colts. Even thou I loved Rugby and still do to this day it was 15 man game and I felt that the players around me was not committed enough. So I stopped playing at about seventeen and a half. I did not do anything for a few months. My best mate at that time said come on lets go to this martial art class in Rugby I went along with him, he lasted two lessons and I to this day am still 100% committed.

3, When did you join the TAGB?

I joined the TAGB at red belt and went along to one of there competitions. Note I was a good fighter and winning just about all the comps I went in before. We would just turn up on the day, what are the rules then just fight great fun. But I never seen anything like the TAGB fighters when I went in, I got whooped round that ring and could not believe the class of these guys. There was me thinking what have been doing all these years? I have never looked back since.

4, What was you main aim when you joined the TAGB.

My aim was to become a serious competitor and martial artist that I believe I have done this thanks to the TAGB and especially my instructor, World Master Mr Action Jackson White, 8th Dan.

5, What was it like on your first lesson with Action?

Well there was no action on my part but blowing like the wind and ending up on one side of the room to the other.

6, What did he say to you after?

Action said man you need to loose weight if you want to be a top TAGB fighter . I was shocked but took his word for it. When I first started with him I was 11 stone and a half, my finishing weight team weight was nine stone two pounds for ten years.

7, How did you do it?

By lots or running I never ran so hard in my life but it shed the weight and got me to another level and beyond.

8,What level are you at now?

I am at the old level! But still running training and putting as much back into the TAGB and my students. Still cutting it and showing it can still be done if you have the heart and discipline.

9, What was your greatest achievement in Tae Kwon Do?

It has to be the first time I was picked to be in the TAGB squad it is such an honour and on a high regard... Mind you it took me two years to get in, that includes doing comps winning and turning up every week for squad training. After that it took another year before I was picked for the England team.

10, What was it like getting your first cap to say?

Man words cannot say when you have a dream and you achieve it nothing else matters of course except my family.

Thank you Master Walton

11, What else have you won with the squad, team?

Well here just a few, world champions England Birmingham, European champions, Home team champions on several times, and many more when I been picked to go abroad and represent the TAGB. I also have won over 250 medals and trophies and still counting.

See I am not to old!.

12, Is it true you are the only one in the TAGB to get three Black Belt grading awards?

Yes that is true. Still waiting for someone to take this from me. Need to be an all rounder for this challenge.

But i only took three grades with the TAGB for 3rd, 4th and 5th, who knows could of got more!

13, How did you get ready for the grading?

Pure hard work and not waiting six months before the grade but years before hand. Also I trained with all the TAGB committee where I could get to know what they all like to see in a grading or a Tae Kwon do Student.

14, What training do you do now?

I do all training at the gym run at home bag work sit ups. I cross train in classes at the gym so the i do not get use to one thing then the body can get lazy harder the better for me that is.

I also still train every Friday with my Instructor Mr Action Jackson White, also every Tuesday with him, James freer 7th Dan, Olie Coles 6th Dan and Master Don Atkins 9th Dan. Here we do all aspects of TKd but most we make sure we all can do all the 24 patterns well, is that not what its all about? 

15, Whats next for you?

To learn as much as I can from my seniors, build my clubs and produce good students so the Tae Kwon do standard stays at the top.

16.Do you have any up coming stars in your clubs?

Yes i do quite a few who I think will make a very high level, they do more classes than the rest. But I am happy with my students who do once or those who do 5 times a week. Not everyone can give the time, but if you can the goals are endless.

16, What was you favourite Team contest?

To be honest all of them but there is one that really stands out. It was when the TAGB entered The Clash of the titans. The team where all white and looked the business. They won because they were so disciplined in their attitude and not fazed by the un sportsmanship of others in the competition, which is what the TAGB stand for. They also listened to their coach Grand Master Mr Kenny Walton 9th Dan and Grand Master Mr Dave Oliver 9th Dan.

17, I hear you did a full contact fight on the anniversary of the TAGB?

It was meant to be against Joseph Shremsi an awesome fighter and still to this day amazing. We had some ding dongs on the square in those days but it was hard tuff full on but there was also skill with it.

He got injured so I had to fight the Scottish champ it is on the web site in videos take a look, love it.

I won the fight wish there was more rounds though I was just getting warmed up LOL.

18, Are there any more black belts in your house?

Yes my girls are both Black belts and I am very proud to get them there. They are not training at the minute as dance is their NO1 thing.  But they can always come back to it one day; soon I hope got their belts waiting.

19. Where did you meet your wife?

I met Sallyann at TKD she got to green tag HAHA! We were both students and have been married for twenty eight July 2019. I would like to say thank you to Sallyann she has been my back bone in every aspect of me in TKD. She has never moaned only when I had to make the weight for the fights and called me skinny, I would say check the six pack!

Thank you for your time and I hope if you have a dream do not give up, hard work and dedication will get you there. Remember a black belt is for black belt and beyond not just three years six months. No training then your not as you loose that discipline that you have required and all that work.

Mr Pat Carter World Master 7th Dan.

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