Name Frankie French,

Hi all I started TKD in Banbury under World Master Pat Carter 7th Dan, then moved to his club In Kenilworth. I started at the age of 4 years and have been training now for 8 years. Next October I will be going for my 2nd Dan Black belt. it has been a long four years but I am so glad to show that it is not just getting a black belt but black belt and beyond. I am still learning and Master Carter will never let me slip and will pull me up if I do not keep my standard.

I do competitions in sparring and patterns and have been in a world championships. It was fantastic and there were thousands of people who went. That experience will live with me for the rest of my life and more to come. I also put back into the club and help Master Carter as he has helped me be the best I can in all I do as Sir says in class.

I like all parts of TKD sparring, patterns ,korean , pad work. But most importantly I have made new friends and its like being part of a family not just a sport.

Thank you Frankie for insight into your journey in Tkd you are a good role model in the club.

Who would you like next month on the champions page?………….